The Best News Ever


It’s the same greeting every year and though circumstances change, sometimes greatly and not for the better, it’s always good news. In fact, it’s the best possible news for the human race. Christ came. He shrunk Himself down to our lowly level to this ruined planet to give hope to us all. He grew in wisdom and stature as the Bible says and he proceeded to confound the Religious community of the day as His message went public.

And yet everyone, everywhere was drawn to Him. He lived a flawless life and died the worst kind of death and rose again the third day so that we could be together with the Holy Trinity of Creation in a perfect world…….someday.

No matter what you’re going through right now friends, that is cause for real JOY. Whatever this life hands us, we can succeed, we can persevere, we can hope because of something much better coming.

That’s a promise from God, and God’s word is true. I wonder, so many times, why I pass people by day after day and keep this message from them? How can I keep from telling them? It confounds me about myself. And yet, I can do this, I can write it. And write it I will, and if it resonates with just one person it will be enough.

Merry Christmas from my humble Prayer Closet. Thank you to the faithful who still welcome these words. I pray for you all.

In Jesus name, In Jesus joy, Lori

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