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Asked to write about anything and I’m good with it. Ask me to write about myself and I suddenly freeze on the keyboard. I am a survivor, first of all. I was born into this world 3 months early back when there was a good chance I might not make it, surrounded by love and the prayers of my parents and a host of other family members. God has had His hand on my life from the very beginning and I am forever grateful. The thing that makes me most excited is sharing my faith story and the things God is doing in my life. Swapping life stories like that is one of the best gift exchanges I know.

I share a home with my best friend in the world, another single gal like myself and two wonderfully spoiled cats. We have known each other many years and have seen each other through many hard times and challenges of life as well as many more joys. Most people think we’re sisters and I guess in a way we are……..soul sisters and sisters-in Christ. Our friendship is cemented by humor, lots of it, and the love we both have for the Lord. We are there for each other, plain and simple. We are also both borderline OCD so it works well.

I hardly ever pass a bookstore without going in and if you offer me coffee or chocolate, I will never refuse. I am a nature lover from way back and some of my happiest memories include camping in the spectacular beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Yosemite National Park and along the California coastline. Since my move to the Arizona, I have been captured with the desert’s own particular brand of beauty and many days you can find me pointing my camera lens toward either the sunrise or the sunset of which Arizona has some of the best in the world. I travel back home to California often and one of my favorite sights to see is how my niece’s face lights up when she sees me at the airport.

You can also find some of my stories here as featured on

A former California girl, I now reside in Apache Junction, Arizona. Although I will always think of California as home, the unique beauty of this place has wrapped itself around my heart and become home as well. I strongly believe that each place in the world has its own unique combination of wonder and magic waiting to be discovered.

Because God made it all good.

I hope you will come here often and think of this as a place of peaceful retreat. Nothing makes me as happy as meeting a new friend.

Welcome! May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you.


Feel free to contact me at for thoughts, prayer requests or just to say “hey.”

7 thoughts on “More about me

  1. I fell across your blog several months ago and now read it on a daily basis. Your Prayer Garden has become my refuge when I need a few minutes escape when work, which I love, become hectic. I haven’t commented before, but you and Elaine (along with her mother) are often in my thoughts and prayers. You just never know where an unknown friend is.

    • Oh Donna, I so appreciate you! What a wonderful blessing it is to know that we have people, known and unknown friends that are praying for us. I can’t tell you now much that means to me. And I will keep you in prayer as well. In these times we all need it. Bless you, Donna for your kind words and support! Hope you have a wonderful week. Lori

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  3. Lori, I have known you for a long time, yet have never met you in person. And that you are with my niece is a wonderful thing to me. You are very blessed because you were wanted in this life. God love you.

    • Hi Billie Ruth! Soon I have a feeling we will meet in person. Isn’t life funny how some people have an instant connection even though they may never have “met” but still feel close? God is good all the time. God loves you too!

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