Genesis 1:5


“God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.” And evening passed and morning came, marking the first day.” Genesis 1:5

This morning I awoke surrounded by darkness with only a faint promise of dawn in the sky. I heard two owls calling to each other and recognizing this as a magic moment, I hastily fed cats (first and always first) and then made coffee.

It was chilly so I grabbed “wooly” as I call it. The big guns when it’s cold, the LLBean terry. I fully intended to pray down by the river in the Prayer Closet but as I sat there with my steaming mug I realized the owls were up here, not down there.

I sat on the Motorhome step transfixed and thankful that I could partake of a little miracle. I listened to the symphony as the staccato calls volleyed back and forth, one a slightly higher tone than the other. I thought once again about the dawn of creation and how perfect it all must have been. I sat and prayed a prayer of thanksgiving right there on that little metal retractable step. Holiness happens everywhere. 

I marvel that I even know the One who created all this. It’s nothing I did, and that fills me with an even bigger sense of gratitude. The fact that we love Him only because He first loved us is a testimony to His matchless Grace.

As the light increased, other birds joined in the chorus. A train rolled through town with a melancholy wail. The owl pair dispersed further down by the river and I followed. They settled in the trees across the river and I saw one high up in the trees. The sky was leaking pink from the Heavens. The owl swooped over to a neighboring tree, startling and scattering the vultures gathered there. Then he (or she) flew back over. After that I only heard the one call.

We are witnesses and fellow partakers of all that God has created, my friends. And it’s all a prayer of Praise from the vast storehouse of His nature. As this world gets louder and louder, before the TV and the talking heads, and the traffic and the insanity: 

Turn Him up, and everything else out. Feel problems slip away just for a moment……..throw the door wide open to let the free air of sanity and His peace back in. 

Prayer is what happens when we’re not trying to be eloquent…….just speaking the simple language of thanksgiving for whom we live and move and have our being. 

A bit later I pulled on sweats and drove to the lake and walked along the shore as light filled the sky.

It’s mornings like this I feel blessed beyond measure. It’s not easy living in an RV at times. I feel an ache in my heart when I look at the trailer that holds all the stuff that used to fill our home. Then again, I feel incredibly grateful to be here right now.

And right now this moment? It’s all good.

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