Finding the heartbeat of Christmas


In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind…….John 1:4

It’s easy to miss it, amidst the rush and clamor. But the magic is there, underneath it, around it and through it and all over it. It’s life, and that life is why He came.

It’s our life He values…….mine and yours. And it’s every big and little miracle moment of our lives that He was born for.

Those big moments of our lives we tend to capture pretty well. We have diplomas and wedding albums and birth certificates and baby showers. But it’s those small moments He came for too.

Like when I lit the little Christmas tree in the shop where I pray. I think He smiles at those too.

During Christmas, I always feel a pressing need to slow down and capture each moment, kind of like how kids capture fireflies in a jar. My thoughts, like those fireflies, are beating their wings against the glass, hoping to be set free. Sometimes there’s almost a sense of urgency to it.

An urgency born of the realization that all these moments matter.

They do.

Maybe deep within us all there is a fear of losing them forever. Maybe that’s what makes some of us write.

As I shift in my seat, I hear the crinkle of yellow sticky notes in my back pocket. My firefly thoughts.

Those little scribbles I leave all over the house, as well as those that spill out of the pockets of my clothes, are my way of pulling over to the side of the road of my own life in order to let all the rest hurry careen by.

Because this is important, this Advent, and it’s not so much making it magic, but letting it happen.

The magic happens when we let go of unrealistic expectations of what we think Christmas should be so we can make room for what it really is; when we free ourselves and others of things they could never live up to and events what they could never be.

When we realize we are all just imperfect people looking for our particular version of God.

But God usually shows up differently than what we expect, and He always exceeds our expectations.

Stop, and listen to your life. And let Him in this season. You will be amazed at what He does.

Thank you Lord, for the miracle. You know the one I’m talking about. I haven’t stop breathing thanks.


photo credit: creative commons images: flickr: by Wendy. Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

4 thoughts on “Finding the heartbeat of Christmas

  1. Thanks for the beautiful reminder to slow down and take time to really focus on the Lord during the chaos of the Christmas season. He is always working all around us, but usually we are too busy and miss it. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!

    1. Thank you Shelly…..I am still focusing on slowing down. I had to do that today because I can’t believe it is December 9th already! It goes so fast……Peace to you, and here’s to slowing down and enjoying every moment!

  2. Such a blessing this is to have come by your closet. The words are Truth, Lori. The words ring in my being. But the busyness of life surely does make me miss too many of those small moments. I want to be present in them. You have reminded me that our Jesus is in each one. I want to see and feel and touch Him as I walk through each day. Thank you.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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