A Home for Adeline


I was in my warm bed when I read the story thumbing through Facebook,  first at Sandra’s place, then at Jennifer’s, whose compassionate heart birthed a daring idea. That she could do something out of the ordinary. Something big. Something crazy. Something God-sized. And that maybe we could all join together and help out. I think our best strength as women is how we can be standing in line at the store and make a new friend, just like that.

And when I read about Adeline, I felt like I had met a new friend who I just couldn’t forget. You see, we all know there are millions of people like her, but if no one ever puts a name to a face and tells their story, they all just become something like a great mass of humanity and how in the world can we help them?

As I snuggled inside my big fluffy robe and put off going out to pray in the chilled air, I thought of Adeline again. And as I wandered from room to room in my “down-sized” home, it felt like a mansion. I had rooms…..space. And to be honest, this down-sized place is where I have felt more at home than any other. And this is my fifth. She just wants a room that doesn’t leak.

The custom home was a dream, something I never thought I’d have. Just one decision involved the size and shape of sink-bowls. That alone took up about 30 minutes and a lot of laughter, I might add. I had no idea there were that many colors, shapes, sizes, materials. Of sinks!

As I sat to pray, I lit my candle and looked around at my “little” shop. It is probably bigger than Adeline’s house. The one that’s falling down around her. I looked around and I couldn’t really pray. I just sat there thinking of her smiling face in the picture on Jennifer’s site. With the rain washing away her walls. I wished I could give her a place as solid as the little shop I was sitting in.

So I am going to help, I’m gonna do what I can. It might be small, but I believe when we add all those small things together they become miracles.

My prayers will be going with Jennifer when she goes to Haiti to see Adeline and her family. And I hope she can give her good news. Bless her. Bless them all. And bless you too.

If you want to help, go to ViBella Jewelry and put in the code “newhouse” when you order. Thirty percent of sales will go to a new home for Adeline.

6 thoughts on “A Home for Adeline

  1. I am deeply touched and moved by your words, Lori. And by your willingness to share your blog “real estate” with this God-sized dream. I LOVED this: “I’m gonna do what I can. It might be small, but I believe when we add all those small things together they become miracles.”

    One piece of jewelry at a time, friend. One piece at a time. And we’re going to make this thing happen. Thank you for stepping out in faith with us, (((Lori)))…

    1. Oh thank you so much Jennifer for spotlighting this and for your dedication and dreams and for making it happen! God loves your heart so much and as I see your girl’s following in your steps it just blesses me no end!

  2. ViBella wants to thank you Lori for helping share across the internet Jennifer Lee’s dream of a NEW HOUSE for Adilene. We are excited about what Jennifer is doing both for Adilene and for ViBella Jewelry. Blessings to you!

    Dear Jesus I pray that you will bless Lori, Jennifer and Sandra for helping share you God-sized dream for a house for Adilene. Thank you for giving us the privilege to be a part of your kingdoms work in Haiti! We are grateful for the opportunity. May your name be glorified and praised through all of this!! Amen and Amen!

    1. Thank you Glenda, what a beautiful prayer. I pray for a huge blessing for this company of women…….I can’t wait to hang the ornaments I will buy on my tree from year to year. I just may have to leave them out! Lori

  3. Oh, so true. I complain about the stains on the basement ceiling from the chipmunks that found a snug home above it. I complain about rust in my tub from too much iron in the water. I grumble about so much concerning my home… but not that it’s melting. Together for the one… and who knows where that will lead?

    1. YEs, together for the one, that’s how we can help! There are always things we can do. Thank you for highlighting this dear lady and Jennifer as well! When women join together? It’s amazing what can get done. Or I guess I should say, when people join together….I don’t want to exclude the men here either! Lori

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