Signs of the Times

Well, Costco apologized for the “mistake” that had their Bibles labeled “fiction.” I usually don’t jump too much on the bandwagon on boycotts because sometimes I think they do more harm than good. However, in this case I was ready to go to my local store and see for myself.

I can now buy my Pumpkin Pie with a clear conscience. And no, I don’t bake my own, Costco’s are better, and bigger. A liberal dosing of Whipped Cream and I am good to go. I lay the little Martha Stewart beast within me to rest by making up for it with homemade Christmas cookies.

I tuned in last night and started watching 19 Kids and Counting. I ended up watching the whole show. They really do amaze me. Say what you want, those kids are all beautiful, and talented, and smart. And as uneasy as it made me when she had the last one? I couldn’t look at her last night without thinking that God wanted her here too. She is doing beautifully now.

I have a friend who seethes and almost foams at the mouth when you mention the Duggars. She leans far to the left and I know if she could do it without risking our friendship, she would tell me how hopelessly ignorant, archaic and uneducated and out of touch I am for being a Christian.

But give me a world of Duggars over a world of Kardashians any day.

We certainly are living in troubled times. I talked with a friend the other day who fears for her 13-year-old daughter. Her daughter is involved with a boy who has already been sexually active… 13. Her daughter is intimidated by this boy, and my friend is afraid to talk to the boy’s parents for fear of what her daughter will do. She is already cutting herself.

These times, while troubling, should not surprise us. Jesus said there will be perilous times ahead. I am thinking they will get worse before they get better. But there is still plenty of good in the world. People are doing marvelous things all over the world. Helping, loving, supporting.

So what do you think? This?


Or this?


And it’s not just Miley. She is just an easy mark right now. I feel for her, I really do. In fact, I pray for her. I believe there will come a time when she will have many regrets. I lament our American culture that really has failed our girls in many ways.

I am praying for my friend and her 13-year-old daughter. She doesn’t know what to do, and I can’t imagine being in her position. It’s easy for me to say what I would do if she were mine. But she’s not. And I can’t.

But I can listen and be there for her Mom. I pray it all works out.

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4 thoughts on “Signs of the Times

  1. “But give me a world of Duggars over a world of Kardashians any day.”

    Amen. Miley is but the latest example; there will be others soon enough with even less restraint, and that is not a prediction I make with joy but with trembling. Emily Wierenga wrote a great piece the other day on getting our marketing monsters to stop pushing soft porn in our kid’s faces when we go to the mall.

    Great post, Lori!

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