A Provision Story


First there was the leak in the line that ran from the water heater to the wall. It was a river in the backyard, and now there is a soggy floor that will probably have to be replaced (maybe).

Then there was the car that wouldn’t shift into third.

And my blinker went out. Again.

And the phone lines seems to have gotten wet from all the rain we had. All you can hear is crackling. The computer goes in and out. But I am not complaining about the rain, that was wonderful.

The leak was fixed temporarily but the day before yesterday it burst again. Another river.

With fifteen minutes left on the clock before she had to return to work options were limited. CALL…..PLUMBER……NOW.

But then something made her think of John. That nice man in the park that fixes everything. And I mean, everything. She hurriedly knocked on his door and he was just finishing up lunch. She was desperate, and no sooner had she gotten the words out of her mouth, he said two magic words.

Let’s Go.

He went down and proceeded to appraise the damage to the pipe. Then said, “I can do this while you are at work, don’t give it another thought, I will put a whole new pipe in and all I will charge is forty for labor and forty for the part.” A steal.

When she got home, it was all done, the way Home Depot should have done it in the first place. I think of how he could have been anywhere else that day, but he was home right then. And he made himself available.

Thank you God, and thank you John.

We were so thankful. It made me think of how God takes care of us through sending just the right people. I thought of all the wonderful things my friend does for others all the time expecting nothing in return. How she never hesitates to go the extra mile for anyone. She’s the one who Jesus must have meant when he said:

And whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two. Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away. Matthew 5:41,42

When she gave him his pay, she also presented  him with a gift, a beautiful new pair of socks in a Superman bag. When she went to his house the first time she noticed he had holes in his socks and she teased him about it.

It’s nice to see someone rewarded. To be treated with the same kindness they give back to others. It doesn’t always happen.

Our God provides.


When I moved away from my home town years ago, that safe cocoon I had lived in all my life, there were times I doubted that. But it seems everywhere I went, God kept placing wonderful people in my path.

There was Willa, who prayed for me when my sister in law’s cancer came back. And then later Ruby and Ron, who became wonderful friends when I knocked on her door one day when I ran out of Mary Kay. Many wonderful home-cooked meals were enjoyed in their home. She was my Mom away from Mom.

We are still friends to this day, and that was 20 years ago.

And then, when we moved back to Arizona the second time, at a pivotal and scary time in my career, there was Will, who came from nowhere but really I do know where. We prayed together each Saturday at work and he reignited my love for the Word. Then we met his wife and now when we all go to dinner together, the fellowship is sweet. Usually we end up laughing all night.

Will retired from Intel and is now a Pastor of a wonderful church in Chandler. And then there is Abel, another local Pastor who works three computers away. It is a blessed thing to look around and see believers sprinkled here and there. It is wonderful to know that at any moment, I could ask for prayer and they would stop what they were doing and pray.  

Yes, our God provides, in people, in provision and in grace.

Sometimes I still get fearful and forget that. But I am doing that less and less as the years go on.

5 thoughts on “A Provision Story

  1. Sometimes, it’s so easy for me to compare myself to someone else; their spouse and kids to mine, my home/car/body/bank account to another’s. And whine about it. But then…I read a post like yours, and remember that it’s those wonderful, little things in life, those things we are apt to take for granted that are THE BEST things in life that we should be grateful to God for providing. Every day.

    “My Mom away from Mom.” Seriously, Lori — that’s the most fabulous description of someone I’ve heard in a long, long time. You should patent that one. 😉

    So blessed by this post. Thanks, my dear!

  2. I really liked this post. It reminded me of the times when God has stepped in and done “stuff” for me. I regularly help with a prayer and shared lunch day on an island (Isle of Wight off mainland UK ~ not windy Scottish Island so you get the picture). I have to use a ferry and traffic to it can be very busy.
    I have learnt to trust Jesus to get me on that ferry. Just this very week I was two minutes late and running down the gang plank saying I thought I’d miss you and the guy says you should have but we are running late!! (late is NOT usual). The best one was where I was even later, fell on the ferry, sat by an empty seat which seemed to suddenly dip in my mind and as the crew member said “due to unforeseen circumstances we are running late” it was as if Jesus said “phew that was close just had to move a yacht or two but we made it” I just wanted to laugh. If we are doing His work He is faithful.

    1. I just talked to my Mom today and we were talking about the exact same thing. She thanks God for everything, including parking spaces. I think that we need to have an attitude of gratitude in the small things. I enjoyed your story about the ferry. I can just picture the scene and someday I hope to be in your beautiful part of the country. I am so blessed that you commented from so far away! None of that are really that far away anymore due to the internet! Bless you! Lori

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