Kingdom Work is whatever we do


Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ.” Colossians 3:23

I make my way down the stairs, heavy bag slipping off my shoulders and cast myself into the sea of voices. I dodge bleary eyed people like myself intent on one of two things, coffee or food. The great migration of mammals to those canisters filled with magic to wake the senses, spark the brain to life.

I pause by the fruit bins, the fresh offerings they give us to entice us to eat better, to be healthier so we can feel better so we can work harder. I pause, my phone at the ready, wanting to capture it all, this teeming life that flows down around my ears right now.

I hear the opening strains of Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams” and for just one moment, with the backdrop of voices and back slapping and greeting, I feel like life is pulsating around me. And though it’s so close, I feel I am standing on the shore. Not quite in. Not quite out. What would it feel like to feel fully in? Here.

All in like poker.

I wander, looking at angles, how I would photograph the fruit bins, the sign hand scrawled suggestions. The cafe workers, everyone else. This wondering and wandering is part of what makes me, me. All I want is to go back to my station and write……..of this life.

I make my way to the coffee and wonder why it is that donuts always look so much better than fruit. I window shop and watch plates sailing by. Breakfast burritos, pastries, plate piled high with eggs, bacon and English muffins. I take nothing, remembering the banana I brought and the cottage cheese waiting in the sack I so hastily threw together this morning.

Still, I watch, I observe. I wonder.

How it would feel to be fully engaged? Here. 

If I were here to take pictures, or talk about writing or my faith how easy it would be. Oh, I am engaged. I am here, I am early, I am ready to work. People on the other end of the phone tell me they am glad I am here. I sense their confidence in me………Still.

To be fully engaged is: eyes wide open, pulse quickening, fully focused, doing the thing God created you to do engaged.

For 18 years I have been less than fully engaged and that makes me wonder who or what I have robbed.

When I was back home I said, “I wonder what kind of world it would be if everyone loved their jobs?” My Dad said, “I wonder how it would be if people just wanted to work?” Maybe he’s right. People didn’t think about liking their jobs in his day. They just got up and went to work no matter what, to support their families.

Maybe he’s right. Maybe I think too much. Maybe we all do.

And yet, at this job at which I am less than fully engaged, there are people God has wanted me to impact, and people God wanted to impact me. Lives colliding not by accident but by Divine Appointment. He has held me here for a purpose, that I know. And this job has stretched me in ways nothing else could.

It has thrown me out of my comfort zone over and over again, so that I had no choice but to depend on Him.

And in these 18 years of twelve hour days I have carved out a livelihood, a gift God has set before me. And in those 12 hours of each day I get two hours to do what I want. Who else has that?

And somewhere, sometime, God will show me what my real job was here. And it will have nothing to do with building computer chips. It will have everything to do with contributing to people and building a kingdom.


5 thoughts on “Kingdom Work is whatever we do

  1. So true. I wonder just how many of us walk around daily disengaged from those around us. Do we really take the time to see or hear or be fully present in what we should. I am not sure that I do.

    1. Yes, Deanna…..I wonder that too not only at work but in the everyday life. I have really tried to get better at that and I think God has done a work in me, but I am nowhere near done yet! Thank you for commenting! Lori

  2. first of all, i totally needed the reminder that lays in your title ‘Kingdom work is WHATEVER we do’…its taken me along time to get to this…and I’m still on the journey. But i’m coming to a place of realizing that God does have me here for a purpose and its been revealed day by day. I have to admit that it took several people telling me what they see in me and also in my job that got me to better see it. Our church challenges us to be ALL IN for Christ…and sometimes I wonder if i’m just flying by the seat of my pants, cause that’s easier than making a commitment to follow Him every breathing moment of the day. I need to get my heart right.
    and your dad’s thought about why don’t people go just to work has got me to thinking. It is true that they didn’t have many options back then…but I wonder if perhaps because of the notion you have to ‘do something you love’ if we aren’t giving our all where we are at because we think that something better will come along, totally missing what we have right in front of us. And i’m learning that though you might not LOVE where God has placed you, you CAN be used of Him. and perhaps this job that he’s given you…free’s up different time for doing things more specifically that you love for Him. thank you for making me ponder that.

  3. …….but I wonder if perhaps because of the notion you have to ‘do something you love’ if we aren’t giving our all where we are at because we think that something better will come along,” Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head right there! I should have said that in my post! Thank you, I am learning this too and I hope I am giving more and more over to Him as I do……Thank you for commenting! Glad you are along on the journey….

  4. Lori. WOW. I was right there with you. Vivid, rich writing. But as always, you have a real heart for the matter. Engagement isn’t just a silly corporate word — it’s all about connecting with people and that requires community. Thank you so much for participating in the High Calling Rediscovering Community Project

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