The Ocean sings a love song



I don’t know why, but each time I come here I am moved to tears…..and yesterday when I plopped down in the sand and watched dogs playing and owners losing themselves in the moment it happened again.

Last night as I watched the sun dip into that vast ocean I wished that everyone I cared about could be right there with us. Tears flowed as everyone gathered with cameras and IPhones aimed at the horizon to watch what God does each and every night, and yet here it seems even more Holy.

The events of the last few days replayed again and I called my brother just to tell him I wished he was there to see the beauty. I just really wanted to hear his voice. I am thankful I still can.

This post is short…..WIFI keeps going in and out and really, it’s okay.

I have one more day here and I intend to savor each and every Holy moment.

The ocean has another love song to sing and God is singing too.

With every crash of the wave upon the shore…….

7 thoughts on “The Ocean sings a love song

  1. I think what makes sunsets so spectacular over the water is that they are so big and uncluttered…and the same sunset we take for granted over land can’t be ignored when it’s over the water where it colors the world in vivid pinks. It’s glory that can’t be denied, and it messes with us in ways that stir our emotions. Enjoy every single moment, Lori.

  2. Sometimes. I can’t take it all in — it’s so beautiful. When I saw the sunset in Key West, the film couldn’t capture it — it was that magnificent.

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