Get in the closet!

I couldn’t believe I found this image on Google. This is the exact little lantern that I have in my prayer closet (shed)

I have fallen into an interesting rhythm with my prayer times. I notice that it has become extremely necessary; something I miss when I don’t get it. I miss my time with Him like I would miss someone I really love if I were away from them.

I would want to get on a plane, make a phone call, drive all night, just get there, be with them, drink in their presence, look into their smiling eyes. It has become something I need. Not a duty, or a requirement. But a privilege!

When I work my long shift and don’t have the time in the mornings I feel a pull toward evening to go out….light my candle for a few moments, thank Him for the day, and for His indwelling comfort, making everything possible.

Sometimes days are so packed with activity that we have to remind ourselves to take a breath! Caregivers experience this all the time. During those times our very actions become like prayer. Niches of prayer carved out here and there, when someone is sleeping, or perhaps when driving somewhere, red light prayer, standing in line prayer. But God hears them just the same.

I am thankful, so thankful for this. It has made me closer to Him, more able to trust Him with my life, more able to encourage others to take this step. It settled into my life gradually and quietly, this habit of prayer, and changed me forever.

“But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.” Matthew 6:6

2 thoughts on “Get in the closet!

  1. I am right there with you on this….I missed my time this morning-such a hustle to get out and run errands. But I had those little moments-but the nice, relaxing time with Him early in the morning when I can hear the birds starting to sing now outside-nothing-nothing at all can compare with meeting with Him.

  2. Amen to that, sister! I love your recent pics with the bunny and the squirrel….I just don't know how you get such great shots! Blessings to you! Lori

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