Diary of a bookstore junkie

We enter the bookstore and I am transported to my happy place, I gaze at the displays much like a diabetic at a See’s candy store. So many stories that beg to be brought to life in the reading! We head for the racks, a free afternoon and the possibilities are endless. Stress evaporates like a vapor. I am drawn to the tables, arms laden with treasure. Too good to be true, a table in the corner….we can’t believe our fortune as we unburden ourselves and settle in. Life is good today. This is one last grasp at the weekend before it all starts over again, we seize it, cherish it. One of mind and spirit, we will know when it is time to go without speaking, and the time will be right.

We fall in to the rhythm of page turning, enjoying a little slice of life here in this corner of the world. People watching is part of the fun. A college student nearby, stacks of papers ripped out of her binder, her pager nearby as a reminder of outside responsibilites. The number display is faced away from her, as if she doesn’t want to be reminded it may go off at any moment. A man with his back to us laughed out loud every once in a while, attracting stares as he did so. An elderly couple teetering to a table complained about the price of the coffee and cookies they had just bought. College girl’s pager goes off and she goes to use the payphone, coins clinking as she feeds them in.

It is tempting to eavesdrop as two older gentlemen sit down nearby and complain about the Rio Salado Project and living in Mesa in general. One of them says, “My wife doesn’t know it yet, but we are putting our house up for sale, then we are outta here.” I wonder when he will let her in on this?

Pages continue to turn, stopping every now and then to share what is interesting; we drink up the wonderful rhythm of sounds, the whir of the cappacino machine, rising and falling of conversation, the rustle of pages, all blending in and around background music. I sense that these are very precious times to be cherished. What a gift to enjoy these simple things with a like-minded person I treasure.

“Hey,” she says, glancing toward the display, “Did you see those chocolate cupcakes.”

“Yes,” I say, “I saw them when we came in.” I have the peripheral vision of a squirrel when it comes to spotting chocolate.

“Do we dare?” She says.

“Yes absolutely,” I say, “A perfect day like this calls for it.”

1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven Ecclesiastes 3:1

One thought on “Diary of a bookstore junkie

  1. Lori,
    This was a sweet and refreshing post. It felt like I was there with you! 🙂 I finally clacked the “Healing” part of my Passion 2010 story–your comment encouraged me, I had to let you know.
    The delay was actually due to more doctrincal diversity, but praise God, His reassurances and mercies are new. 🙂
    Grace and peace,

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