Wherever I am, there He is.

This week I entered another dimension and went back into the “clean room” where I worked 5 years ago. Within about 10 minutes it all came back like I never left. To those in the Semi-conductor industry, wearing gortex suits, (we call them bunny suits) klevlar gloves, and a hood that completely covers the face, not to mention constant “white noise” are all considered normal. Up until 5 years ago it was part of my daily routine. I found myself there again this week while they made repairs to the air conditioning ducts in our office. This week I found that sometimes it is good to go back. It reminded me of all that God had brought me through, and it was humbling.

Part of this story is about how God took a small town girl without a college degree and supplied her with a wonderful job and career that has lasted almost 14 years now. It is my hope that others will be encouraged by my story, and assured that when all seems hopeless to us, God does His best work yet.

I had been working at Intel (computer chip producing giant) for about 9 years when this part of the story starts. I had recently been selected (to my dismay) to go work next door to one of the toughest areas, due to “business need.” I would be dealing with “defects” on computer chips all day long. I was petrified. But I had no choice. Desperate prayer became a part of every waking moment. One of the first people I see there is one of the kindest men I have ever met and he is also a Pastor. I said “thank you, God.” Small miracle number one. Each day before work, I prayed in the bathroom stall for courage to make it through; to learn all that I had to learn. God was faithful. He supplied me with good trainers, good people; I got reaccquainted with two Christian women and we went to lunch and prayed, and together helped each other out.

Then came a day I had an opportunity to go back next door where I started out. I was just beginning to feel comfortable where I was, but something urged me to fill out a REQ transfer. With my hands hovering at the keyboard seemingly with a mind of their own, I remember thinking that I could always change my mind and stay if they approved it. I hit “send” and my fate was sealed, though I didn’t know it at the time. A few weeks later, my Manager called me into a meeting and told me my transfer was complete. He then told me the area I would be going into and it had nothing to do with what I had selected on my transfer form. Once again due to “business need.” I informed him I had changed my mind. He said, “This is irreversible.” I said, “Can I contact the hiring manager and tell them myself?” He said, “It’s too late, I already sent the paperwork, it’s a done deal.” Steel bars clanged shut in my mind and from then on I felt the chill of fear and dread surrounding me. What had I just done? My release date was set and there was no going back……..Miracle story continues tomorrow…….. Continuing with gratitude toward my 1000 blessings, join with others at:
holy experience
112) for His provision at every stage of my life 113) my 3 month premature birth and that my Mom happened to be close to Stanford Hospital. In 1959 it was a miracle that I survived. I am glad my Mom was visiting her sister that weekend. 114) for always providing me with His Hands and Feet in the shape of good people who have been there for me 115) experiences and challenges that have stretched my faith 116) God’s discipline to help me grow and keep me on the right path 117) people who lovingly bring my faults to my attention and keep me humble 118) people around me who really listen to what I have to say 119) laughter, always laughter! 120) answered prayer, always at the right time.

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