Monday blessings….

I missed my morning prayer and walk today,
but now my day is swiftly moving by and I feel a bit paralyzed.
Off kilter….Can I start again?
My morning walk will be now be a noon walk and the window of silent morning prayer has passed by, and I now hear cars, people moving about, signs of life.
It feels different….Will You still be there to meet me?

Sometimes life is like that too.
Our life has gone down a certain path and now we feel that it is too late.
To move, to make a change….to make up for time lost.
To make amends.

But it never is.
While we have breath, we have hope, we have life.
We have second chances.

So, though the morning is long gone, and the afternoon shadows
Meet the day, meet life again, start over.
Take a walk.
And though you think the hour my feel too late for you,
it is never too late for God.
It is always His perfect timing.

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98) Fresh starts 99) cool breezes 100) music that matches your mood 101) always another good book 102) birds that always sing again 103) challenges that make me put my trust in God 104) people that forgive me 105) real love that comes from above 106) fresh sheets 107) heaters that still work 108) parents that can laugh 109) people that keep us in line 110) more memories to make

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holy experience

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