The Best Gift

The clamoring for gift ideas is already starting….Every year about this time it seems all the news channels have to start talking about how well, (or how poorly) the retailers will be doing this Christmas season. What will people buy, what will be the best sellers….Every year it irritates me more and more. And you go into the store and see Halloween decorations right next to Christmas! It’s too much.

Thinking of gifts reminded me of a very special gift my Mom received earlier this year. My dear friend and I were thinking of what to get her for her 80th Birthday…..All of a sudden she looked up, electric eyes alight….”I have an idea!” She asked, “What means more to her than anything? I said, “Family? God?”

“Well yes,” she said, “God, and showing God’s love to everyone around her. What better way than to give out Bibles? Very special Bibles to give to all her friends, like a living legacy!” I caught her enthusiasm….”Yes,” I said, “She would love that!”

The only problem was that she wanted her to be able to give one to each lady at her party, which would have been about 15 Bibles, but then the guestlist exploded into about 35. (My Mom is very popular.) She went to the bookstore and it just so happened they were discontinuing some very nice leather Bibles in dark blue, and they were on sale. She bought 15, which was all they had. We decided that was the right number. She had it lettered in Gold Leaf to say, “The Vera Cook Legacy Bible” and put a picture of Mom on the inside cover. (the one you see here.)

I don’t think we have ever enjoyed giving a gift more. To see her face as she opened the box and saw them all was priceless. And the giving has continued through the year as she has thoughtfully and prayerfully considering where each one will go. Tears usually come with each presentation; on the inside flap of every one is a personal note to tell the person how much she has meant in her life. What a blessing it has been to take part in, and I thank my wonderful friend for coming up with the idea. It was truly a God thing.

Isaiah 52:7
How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!”

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