Ten Commandments for Families

Family Life Radio is having their Fall Shar-a-thon right now. I would encourage everyone to give whatever gift you can if you have been blessed by it. It has been an encouragement to me and best of all, it is all listener supported, NO ADS! Today Randy Carlson was talking about family principles and shared these ten things. So simple but so powerful. Think how many families would be changed if we just did these 10 things!

Ten Commandments for Our Family
Guiding principles for family life—

We promise to:
1. Protect each other from harm.
2. Be patient with each other
3. Be trustworthy-so we can be trusted
4. Say I’m sorry and really mean it
5. Be self-controlled
6. Be as polite to each other as we are to guests
7. Celebrate each other’s victories
8. Stay close to each other during times of defeat and loss
9. Speak to each other with words of kindness and respect
10. Never, ever give up on each other

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