Words by Hugh Prather

These leaves made me think of my Dad. He always calls me and lets me know when they start falling in California….(He called last night) He knows I miss the leaves. Pretty soon an envelope will come with assorted leaves from their yard. Looking forward to that!

Jesus life didn’t go well. He didn’t reach his earning potential. He didn’t have the respect of his colleagues. His friend weren’t loyal. His life wasn’t long. He didn’t meet his soul mate. And he wasn’t understood by his mother. Yet I think I deserve all those things because I’m so spiritual.

We are walking in a ticker tape parade. That’s all that’s going on. Some pieces of confetti read, “great calves,” some “chronic sinus,” some “no noticeable hair loss,” some “multiple sclerosis,” and some “third finger amputation.” Don’t judge your neighbor by what pieces of paper fall on his or her shoulders. Don’t think you are cursed or “blessed” by what pieces fall on yours.

The fact is nothing will go right today. And if it does, it will only scare you.

From Spiritual Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather

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