The Eeensy Weensy Spider



I almost saw it too late.  I had just waved my hand under the faucet sensor and the water ran in a stream and almost washed it down the drain. And I don’t know why, but I didn’t want it to die.

I wanted to save it.

Another day I might have washed it down the drain without a thought. Not this day.

Maybe it was the video of the train wreck in Spain that I had seen earlier that made me sensitive to seeing anything else die, even this lowly spider.

Everyone knows how I detest them. And maybe it was the collective guilt of all its relatives I had mercilessly killed over the years that caused this small pardon.

This gesture of benevolence.

It was all balled up with its legs folded underneath it and I thought maybe it had drowned. I felt a pang of remorse as I grabbed a towel and scooped it out.

I blew gently as if I were God blowing life back into me.

Determined now, I could only see no other conclusion but life at the end of this drama.

Still balled up, and tiny as a speck, and yet I knew if I put it under a microscope that it would be a marvelous thing of wonder and even beauty if I allowed myself to look past my fear of what it was.

I blew some more, and smiled as I saw it bravely scramble to life as I transferred him from one towel to another, jostling purse, drink, backpack and gently folded towel with microscopic passenger……

I headed out to the patio where there is green, he surprised me when he refused to leave the towel and scrambled toward my hand.

I smiled again as I set him on the leaf.

Onto his new eden.