Good day, still no Sunshine!

Bologna boy

Trust in the Lord, and do good;
Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.
Delight yourself also in the Lord,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:3,4

It’s been a good two days, I’m on a roll. Let’s make it three! There is a reason and a time for everything says Ecclesiastes. The not so good days make the good ones shine forth like gemstones and there have been shining moments in the last 2 days. I like to call them everyday miracles. The absence of worry and anxiety, if only for a day is cause for celebration for me. A big praise was that everything in storage is dry. After all the buckets of rain we weren’t sure. We have been watching the river rise and the power and strength of it is surely something to behold.

Friday we went to dinner on the gift certificates we got for Christmas (thank you niece Lauryn and Carolyn, what a generous and thoughtful gift). What a treat! We will go back to this downtown jewel. On the way out we saw an old friend and talked for about 15 minutes on the sidewalk.

Yesterday morning I went to breakfast with some old friends from long-ago and some new people I had never met. The cafe was bustling with activity and I also got to seek out and whisper some words of encouragement to the waitress there whose son took his own life not long ago. I had my friend point her out to me so I was sure I got the right person. In the face of such horror, it’s not much but I wanted to let her know something about her son, something that was good. A memory she could have as her own.

After that Elaine and I went to Junkin January 2017. It was foggy and cold and I was shaking by the time we were done looking but we did see an old vintage shopping cart that was very cool. They wouldn’t come down on the price though. From there we went to an antique shop on a side street that had mucho stuff. I walked around dialing old princess phones (love that sound) and in a corner Elaine spotted an old Lubester for 40 dollars (a steal) She has been looking ever since she restored that last one. Here is the before and after in case you are under 50 and not into antique gas station stuff.

It was cold as an old barn in there and I was shaking, so when I rounded a corner and saw this wonderful coat hanging up with a price tag of 60 bucks on it I decided to try it on and wear it around the store. That made Elaine’s lip curl up (she was sure it had lice) I was sure it wasn’t old. It fit perfectly and matched my hat. I asked if he would go 40 on the price, and he agreed on 45. As if that wasn’t enough, he said he had 2 more Lubesters at home and he would go 30 each for all three. Wow! Eureka. We both hit the jackpot on this excursion! I happily wore my coat out and next Saturday the rest will be picked up.

When we got back into town we stopped at a local diner and as luck would have it, in the booth next to us were longtime friends Norman and Patsy Lithco. We reminisced about the Earthquake of 89.When it hit, Patsy was doing my hair in her dining room. We laughed about how Patsy ran to her Hummel cabinet when the room started shaking. After that we dropped my coat off at the cleaners where my Mom goes. (I have to part with it for 3 days.)

We stopped to see Mom on the way home and visited by the fire which was cozy. She was feeling pretty good so I was happy about that. When we pulled into the driveway at home, Aunt Mayvis was just leaving for coffee so we tagged along with her.

There is something to be said for this whole community thing, I think. It was a full day, and a good one. I will add this to my collection of good memories.

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