Resting in Jesus Peace


The weekend is here. A time to regroup and recharge. I find I have had to work harder to get peace here. I am wondering now, how much of my peace in Arizona came from circumstance? It seems now that we lived a perfectly ordered life. I had a schedule, a workout routine, an uninterrupted prayer life, four days off at a time and a big mountain to remind me that God is always there. It was like the physical manifestation of a Spiritual compass. Who couldn’t be peaceful with that?

I was reminded this morning that peace is not found in perfectly ordered circumstances, but in Christ alone. Here there is static in my peace, I have to work harder to get it, but maybe the answer lies in not working at it at all. Just in resting in Him.

Here, in my new old home, I drive and walk roads I remember. There is a comfort in that. And here in this spot of incredible beauty, nature abounds. Everywhere I look there is a cause to thank God for creating such a world. Yet I confess, I have let my stress overwhelm my spirit with all these new changes.

I have forgotten to appreciate that the world is strewn with God’s wonder. I really get into trouble when I forget that everyday is a miracle and we are not guaranteed another. I was pondering the word circumstance as linked together with peace today and in the first sentence of “Jesus Calling” there it was. The word “circumstance” rested on the page for me to find. Here is what it said:

No matter the what your circumstances may be, you can find joy (or peace, my word there) in my Presence.

Last night we sat by the river and witnessed the miracle of Eventide.

There were little splashes of water, fish jumping.  There were little squeaks, chortles and squawks and I wondered at what creatures were making the little mysterious sounds. There was a squadron of several flyovers of geese, 3 different “V” formations that were amazing. We saw leaves free-falling like sporadic rain and landing on the water gracefully creating their own individual ripple. We caught birds first in the reflection of the water and followed our gaze up to where they took flight. We saw the buzzards stretching their huge wings to catch the last rays of sunlight.

The current changes like magic, like time. Unstoppable and ever-changing. Unlike God, who rests behind it all. Our best hope is to rest behind Him. The One who never changes.


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