On remembering why we’re here


The things we take away, the joy makers, that stand out moments of any particular day are so often not the big things, but those small simple moments in between. The ones that let us catch our breath when we have forgotten just why it is we are here.

Living for the weekend is tiring. I leap frog, stagger from one to another and even now, I am pausing inside because I know that once my week starts tomorrow, there will be little time for pausing until Sunday.

Some days you just have to stop. Today my stop was turning on Phil Keaggy and baking cookies to send to my Mom, who has baked for others for years and now it’s hard for her. The box will go out today or tomorrow.

And yesterday, E and I went out to find a frame for the pictures I took of Lauryn that will go in the box too. As I finished framing them, I stood back and smiled.

One day those little hands will be grown but I hope she will never lose the joy of making sand castles……small moments that turn large looking back.

Reach for the stand out moments today. When your little one grabs your hand, cherish it as if it were the last. When a furry body climbs into your lap looking for love, don’t get irritated at the fur. See their eyes, see the God who made them.

Made us all.

Remembering He’s why we’re here, why we’re all here for each other.

3 thoughts on “On remembering why we’re here

  1. I am in constant need to reminders on slowing down, living the moment, appreciating the blessings, seeing God in all things. Thank you, Lori! What a beautiful gesture for you to do for your mom, especially when life works so hard to convince us we don’t have time for such things.

  2. Getting ready to turn on “The Wind and The Wheat” because of this – thanks, Lori!
    I remember why I’m here in far simpler fashion – I’m not all there, and need Him to make me whole as well as holy.

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