A King is Coming


Nature itself, brings her own hope in Spring. The mornings seem bright with promise everywhere.

The ground yields renewal as green shoots toil upwards toward the light finally breaking free.

We too, lean toward the sun and long for freedom.

In Spring, hope becomes more than just a word or a thought.

It becomes something we feel

with the shifting of the earth’s renewal.

Deep within the twisted arms of the vine, the life at its core gives birth to green.

And once again the robin flits about, we see the flash of her breast as it catches the morning light.


And against the backdrop of this bright green earth pallet,

a Savior rides into Jerusalem.

And the stones cry out.

Everywhere, people cheer as their hearts burst within them,

though they are not even sure why.

Somehow they know who they see holds the key to their redemption.


The earth sings and everywhere this week hearts of stone will turn to flesh once again

we will remember.

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