The things we do to ourselves


It’s something I’ve been saying for a while. “We were not meant for this kind of stress.” By “this kind,” I mean the stress involved in simply doing what we have to do everyday. Our original existence in the garden was a far cry from getting on the freeway each day where as my Dad says, “Everyone thinks they’re a Nascar driver.” I would have to agree.

I work in a closed in space without windows for 12 hour shifts. There are about 50 or 60 of us packed in there, all sharing workstations. All talking at once, all coughing at once. We work in tight deadlines involving very expensive product which will result in computer chips; now a part of our every day existence. For my livelihood that is a good thing. For our stress level not so good.

As I said, tight deadlines, minute to minute. The other day I working with someone for 3 hours trying to give a reasonable explanation to the Captain of the Ship, yes that is what his title is,  why we were 27 minutes late. 30 minutes and they want a detailed report which is documented with your name on it for all to see. Nobody wants that. With both of us researching, we came up with a reason why which satisfied him and excused the need for the report.

Needless to say, by the time our week is over we are happy just to sit on a bench and stare up at the sky for a while. I think I can speak for us all.

We all have different stresses. No one in this life is exempt. Even if I had a goat farm on a green hilly acre like I sometimes fantasize about, the cheese wouldn’t make itself. And the goats would sometimes get sick and then I would have to give them shots.

We all long for simplicity because deep inside, we know it’s our normal, natural state. It’s what God meant for us in the beginning.

After the long week, we all walked out to the parking lot and took a singular deep breath as if it were synchronized. It had been raining and the earth felt new again. We all had hope of a revitalizing weekend ahead. It was needed.

I have two more days off and I am doing what I can to slow down. I am slowing down with Jesus words in the mornings, and simple chores during the day. I was greedy and got all three books at the library yesterday. That’s my slowing down place. Surrounded by books has always made me feel at peace, what makes you feel peaceful?

Find it, do it. Even if it’s only for a few moments. And do it as if your life, and health and sanity depend on it, because it usually does.

2 thoughts on “The things we do to ourselves

  1. Compared to many others, my life is pretty simple, but I still long for release from the day in day out repetitious chores. I find that in the late Spring and Summer and early Fall by just sitting on my porch and listening to nature and tuning my heart to hear God’s voice. Now I need to find a way to do that during the WIinter months.

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