A little bit Mary, a little bit Martha


But the Lord said to her, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details! There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:41-42 NLT

I got caught in a “Martha” moment in the middle of prayer this morning. I started praying for my Mom, who has not been feeling well. From that, my mind spun ahead to her Birthday which is next month. I started out a lot like Mary, just sitting at Jesus feet enjoying His presence. Then before I even realized it my mind took off and spiraled into Martha territory. Here’s a bit of how my prayer went:

“Thank you Lord for this moment, these precious times with you. I lift up my Mom today in prayer and ask that you give her strength and healing……” (Mary)

I hope she is well enough for the party. I remember my Aunt Esther dying right after her 80th. I wonder how much longer I have with Mom……I don’t want to think about it. She is 84 after all……I wonder when I can get into the clubhouse to decorate? I wonder what I should put on the tables? I need to send invitations out soon…..Oh, I know just where I will get them. I need to get all the addresses…….what will people want to drink? What about food? Flowers? I hope we can go to church that morning because I hardly ever get to do that with them…..what road was it that I turned on last to get there? Maybe I could print up the story about the red shoes and work that into her party somehow…………(Martha)

Whoa, I just tired myself out. And where did Jesus go anyway?

Over and over again, God uses me to demonstrate that He indeed does have a sense of humor. Thankfully He also has a ready supply of forgiveness. Thank you, Lord…..and:

Forgive me, for my Martha heart. Help me always to choose you, the better part. Though there are times when we need to charge in and get things done, there are also times when it’s just as necessary to be still before you and just enjoy your Presence. And while I am scurrying around like Martha, checking things off my list, help me to have the peace of Mary in my heart. Amen.

While Martha and Mary had different personalities and ways of expressing their love, it’s clear that they both loved Jesus and He loved both of them.

Live in His love today!

6 thoughts on “A little bit Mary, a little bit Martha

  1. Oh my! It’s like you were right there listening in on my prayer time, Lori! I am so like this! Kind of ADD when it comes to prayer. Very thankful that God chuckles and can even follow my train of thought and maneuver it back to Him!

  2. I know I have so much Martha in me.

    How lovely to have your momma and be looking forward to every moment with her. What a blessing…

    When I pray, I too wander off on rabbit trails of silly concerns. I have to bring myself back, and I too know that God practically files his nails while listening to my prayers sometimes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog — always appreciate a reader.

    1. HA HA, Harriet, you always crack me up…..”Filing His nails…..” I can just see that. And yes, she is such a blessing and so is my Dad, so wonderful to still have them at 85, and 84! Thank you dear heart!

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