One of the best decisions I made so far this year…..(I think)


I’ve been involved in fitness one way or another for about 30 years now but I’ve never joined a gym. I’ve done Jazzercise, I’ve run, I’ve walked, I’ve hiked, I’ve cycled some. But I’ve never signed on that dotted line of commitment. Until this year. I had been dragging myself to the treadmill, “dreadmill” as I dubbed it at our clubhouse, but I had been doing it less and less. I hike, which is something I really love to do, but it’s not always convenient to drive to the trail.

We’ve all heard the clichés:

Gyms are meatmarkets.

Why should I pay for what I can do at home?

And what if I get suckered into a membership and I never use it?

Not to mention all those machines, just looking at them is intimidating.

E and I went to check out, Planet Fitness and right away, I got a good positive vibe there. The music was playing, they had flat screens lining the walls right above the treadmills and ellipticals with places for headphone jacks. And I loved the philosophy of the place. They are big on promoting a friendly, “Judgement-free zone” where regular people can come and work out at their own level and enjoy themselves.  So far everyone has been very friendly and helpful and it’s a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere which I really appreciate.

Of course, no gym is perfect because it’s made up of people. But so far I have to say I have been very happy with it. Being on the treadmill there is so much different because there are people to watch, music playing, and sights and sounds you don’t have in a closed room. I need that stimulation. And no one pushes you at any piece of equipment because there are plenty to go around. You can take your time and go slowly. No one is breathing down your neck.

The other day there was a lady right next to me who had to be 75. And I saw plenty of people between 30-50. And teens and twenties too.

So far, I can say I am very happy I joined. I did a one year membership because I know me, if I paid for something, I will use it. Added incentive.

The nice thing is, you can also join for just $10 a month, no commitment. The best thing is, I am looking forward to my workout time again, and I had missed that.

There has been much study done about the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection and the importance of all three working together. I really believe this is true. God made our bodies to move, to do physical work. If we don’t keep our bodies healthy we won’t be much good to those who are counting on us. Who love us and want us around for a long time. Another way I can honor God is by honoring the body He gave me.

In a way, taking care of the body He gave me is another way to worship and serve Him, not me.

Everything in moderation.

Once, I was a slave to my exercise routine. If I missed a session it was the end of the world, no more. I have found there is a beauty in balance. It’s okay to take time out for you. Sometimes, in fact, taking that time out for you is one of the best things you can do for the people you love!

If you have ever thought about joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, I would encourage you to check it out.

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