A life built around Him


This was stuck on the bathroom mirror. It was on a card I sent them years ago, I guess my Mom couldn’t part with it……


This is in the corner by the microwave, right by a drawing I made (also years ago). This prayer just about spells out their life. They go from dawn to dusk watching my special needs niece. They are fatigued in body and soul most every day, but their house is still a place of peace and refuge for many of their friends and family and there is always a fresh pot of coffee for whoever drops by.


A reminder on the porch of who they serve……..and what He did for us all.


My Mom’s bookshelf. My Dad has several and spilled to overflowing in several places in their house, but hers is tidy and organized.

I think it is very important to have reminders in your home. I have several pieces of art and knicknacks in my own home, but the ones that give special comfort are the ones that remind me of who He is and that He is near, always.

And the last one, written in my Dad’s own hand……posted on the kitchen cabinet.


5 thoughts on “A life built around Him

  1. Oh Lori-this is so nice. I just found a little scrap of paper that my grandma wrote on ages ago, and it meant a lot to me. So your post did too….

    1. Thank you Debra….I will be visiting your place very soon, time to take a walk. Thank you for reading, and your comments. Those things we find are so meaningful aren’t they?

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