Here and now


Forgive me, Lord

This is supposed to be our time, but so far the world looms large. I am holding stray thoughts at bay, they crash through like static on the radio. I have scarcely given you a thought. My mind is like a freight train barreling down the tracks at full throttle. I chase every stray thought and follow each one down every possible scenario.

But now, none of that matters. Only your prescence matters. Here and now.

Sometimes the best way to pray is to honor you with my silence so here it is Lord. Fill my empty with You. Right now only one thought breaks through…….. There is none like You.

Sometimes my worship feels like lip syncing for You, Lord. How can I dare to sing about giving my all to you when in fact I am only giving you part,

some. You deserve more than my leftovers.

Thank you Lord, for giving me what I don’t deserve.

Pure grace.

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