Diary of a mad shift worker


Glad god can’t sleep and that’s good because that makes it really handy for when I need Him (which is pretty much all the time.)
Awake at three I stare at the dark ceiling and wonder what I should do with a full hour. An hour of precious sleep makes my mind rebel against doing anything else but. I could pray but……
Can I pray with one half of my mind when the other half is sleep obsessed?
I could get up and read the Psalms or Wonderstruck but I lie awake and see if I get drowsy.
Now that I am awake the cats walk in circles like hawks around me.
I decide god can hear the praying half.  With that one half I pray for the Jumping Tandem retreat, and for Elaine, Diane, my family, Dawn’s Uncle. Pat. 

I thank Him for yesterday today and forever.  

I don’t pray because I am a good person, I pray because I need Him and so does everyone else. And because hard things are going on down here.

But thankfully, a lot of good is happening too. Now is always a good time to Praise.
I could get up and eat green jello.
I think for the hundredth time that unless there is a conversion experience, people pretty much die how they have lived. Either peacefully or kicking and screaming and making it inconvenient and difficult for everyone right up to the end,

Or with a measure of peace and grace knowing they have done the best they good with God’s help and joy knowing they are going home.

And for one last request, for my prayer request to happen soon. You know what it is, God.

Because you are up all night and nothing gets past You. And I am so glad.

Indeed, he who watches over Israel (and me) will neither slumber nor sleep. Psalm 121:4

photo credit: Google images

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