The Sacredness of Sunday mornings

Blessings in disguise

I pulled my sweats on and went out in the dark and it was cold so I needed an extra layer. I went back inside and got my no fail LL Bean terry cloth robe and carried my steaming cup out to the shop, the candle in my little lantern already flickering a soft glow.

A bird was singing its heart out and against the backdrop of that song, a dove cooed an accompaniment from a neighboring rooftop.

There is something sacred about this……reflecting on the week. Thanking God for how He got me through, how He got us through. I think of God pausing after the sixth day, looking out over creation, a Holy pause and here in the dark, I feel an echo of that same pause.

It’s good and right to do this.

Sometimes, activity has to stop in order for the appreciation to be fully felt, and standing on the other side of the events lets them breathe freely and take on new life.

This morning, I let it all wash over me. The events of the trip back home, getting my brother in and out of the hospital, the car almost conking out and Dad, a nervous wreck in the driver’s seat but holding it together and getting them back home. Me getting lost and nice people with directions. Mom and I sweeping my brother’s porch together.

Watching my Mom place her hands on Lauryn’s head giving her a blessing before school from my place in the driver’s seat; seeing her mouth the words I knew she was saying…….”The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.” I pray that is one memory of her Grandma that Lauryn will always carry with her.

And even after a week, I still hear the praise song Mom played from her old boombox in the corner of the kitchen.

My life is in You Lord, my strength is in You Lord, my hope is in You Lord, in You, in You………

Yes indeed. It is. And thank you also, Lord for the little light that dawned while I was training yesterday at work. I really needed that.

3 thoughts on “The Sacredness of Sunday mornings

  1. Hey. I wanted to comment on the last few blog entries that you wrote, but I’ll just make one comment for them all. Well, not one comment, but one “reply.” *tee hee*

    You have really been on a journey. What a sweet way you have looked at it. I’m always amazed at your heart, girl friend. It blesses me every time I read here about you and your walk with Him. You walk with such trust, such energy, such love, and such adoration. I just get all full when I come here.

    I love each of these entries that you made. What a heart. What a heart. What a heart.

    Husband and I just had an adventure involving car trouble while we were out of town. We both noted how much we prayed through it, and HE was faithful to those prayers. We had our moments of concern, but each of those worries were erased by Him as he put us with people who helped, directed, and guided us home. Strangers, friends, and family — all of God’s children — seem to be right where we needed them when we needed them.

    I had a chance encounter [except not — since it was Him who placed him there] with a fellow Christian at an auto repair shop in a town strange to me. Amazing where the angels of the Lord show up– but one thing is true, His Angels are everywhere —- I just need to rest in that. At. All. TImes.

    Thanks for all of these entries. True blessings also found here.


    1. Oh, my dear Harriet. It’s friends like you who give such wonderful encouragement in their kind words who make blogging such a joy. And I do have to apologize to you because imagine my surprise when I looked on my sidebar to hop over to your place and you weren’t there! In the transfer over to WP I forgot to add you in! I had added some new ones and you got lost in the shuffle, but by no means did I mean to do that! You are now you back in the fold where you were meant to be. And I so love to hear from Tallulah (spelling?) I wish I could hug her tight. Well, it sounds like you and your husband had your own travel adventures. Isn’t it amazing how you forget how God really does take care of us through people he places in our path? I am happy to know you had the same kind of experience.

      Well, I wish you well and hope you had a wonderful weekend! God bless you and yours!! Lori

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