A New Chapter

Secret Places of the Heart

The moon was bright this morning and the desert air had a snap to it and my nose stung breathing it in, but it is marvelous. Forty degrees is a wonder when you think that four months from now it will be creeping into the hundreds already. My mind was already mentally ticking off tasks today as I settled down to pray, but I put all those thoughts to rest temporarily as I focused on what really matters.

Just being with God and resting in His presence before I start the day seems to make everything go smoother.

Today, I will make some edible Valentines to send off to my girls, and Wal-Mart is on the list. Later this morning Elaine and I will visit the carehome director to see just what kind of room her Mom will have, shared or single. We are praying for single. She doesn’t co-habitate well with strangers, but if a double is available we will have to make it work. She just may surprise us all.

Saturday is moving day for her Mom, and Elaine is having a hard time this week. Sending her away in the state she is now feels much like putting a special needs child on a bus to boarding school, and though her Mom is demanding and not nice, Elaine still wants her to have what she likes and what she needs. It’s not easy to cast aside what has enveloped and consumed your whole life for the past 5 years. She worries like the parent now. But it is time.

Yesterday her Mom got in the cabinet and took Elaine’s pills in addition to her own. That was a first.

And a few days ago she came in to find the glass carafe sitting on the stove, which was still warm. She also didn’t seem to know her own husband when she went to see him just the other day, that was another first. It has been a week of “first’s” I guess. But it is all working out, and I think at just the right time.

Freedom looms on the horizon and although she is too scared to believe it she made plane reservations for the first vacation she has had in a very long time. She told me she feels much like a prisoner walking out of prison, afraid the gate will be slammed in her face before she gets to the other side.

Just yesterday she said, “I won’t take a deep breath until we drive away from the carehome.”

I took Saturday off to help out, and a very nice co-worker of Elaine’s has offered a dresser and help with delivery. Day by day things are falling into place. We are shoring up for a battle.

She will not want to stay. She will want to come home. She will probably be very angry.

And prayers are always appreciated, of course.

4 thoughts on “A New Chapter

    1. Oh, thank you dear Margaret. There are so many going through this and I really appreciate the prayers. That is what has made it possible thus far, and God’s grace to keep going. He is so good, and everything is working out so far. Saturday will be the big challenge, I know it will be emotionally trying for everyone, but really it is the only safe thing for her now. Thank you for your kind comments! Lori

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