A face only a mother could love


How many times have we heard that? Those who know me, know I am a Seinfeld fanatic. I am thinking of the ugly baby episode. No baby is ugly right? Some are cuter than others, but each one is beautiful in their individuality. And yet, there are those times when we don’t see quite what we are prepared to see. When Elaine and Jerry peered into the crib, they had an expectation that they would see an adorable baby, but words failed them and all we see are their faces. They were awkwardly fishing for adjectives as the mother waited expectantly. The whole rest of the show was built around that, among other things. It was hilarious.

One day around 10 years ago my Mom and I went shopping at Big Lots before Christmas. I came around the corner and saw this cat and laughed uproariously until I was doubled over. She came over and did the same thing. I knew she had to come home with us.  Every year since, when she makes it out for Christmas, she has elicited the same reaction to many of Mom’s crazy friends. I dubbed her “Marty” after the famous comedian Marty Feldman. Do a google search on his name and you will know why. He was an English comedian and comedy writer very well-known in many Mel Brooks movies back in the 70s.

My whole point is that I have fallen in love with her because of a shared memory my Mom and I have of her together. And, yes…..it is a face only a mother could love. I don’t know how she ever passed inspection in China or Korea or wherever she came from, but I am very glad she didn’t.

When approached Jesus, I didn’t pass inspection either. I had baggage and plenty of it, still do. But He took me in and loved me anyway, and He hasn’t stopped since.  I could never pass God’s inspection, but Jesus did. When God accepted me into His family, He didn’t check to see if I was perfect. And He doesn’t expect me to be perfect now. He doesn’t care if my eyes are crooked, or my skin is unmarred, or that am tall enough or pretty enough, or smart enough, or religious enough.

When I came to Him that first time, He saw that my heart was humble enough to know I could never save myself, but that I desperately needed saving. My heart had the hope and expectation that He would love me, and He did. God loves me and God loves you with a relentless kind of love. A no matter what kind of love. One we can scarcely understand.

As I settled by the Christmas tree this morning for the last time, my cat Sydney came and leapt on my lap with a full expectation of being loved. And he was not disappointed. That is how I need to remember to come to God. I wrapped my arms around him as he purred into my face and settled down, safe and secure in my love. Just like God wants me to do with Him.

He never disappoints me. He always accepts me just as I am.

Once more wrapped in His love and protection, I can think of no better way to start the New Year.

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