Always is a good time to pray

The ballots have been counted up and I am rejoicing in the fact that I will not have to watch any more campaign commercials. I won’t deny that I am disappointed……but not in God. Never in God. On the way to work I heard a great praise song on the radio and I was able to pump my arms in the air (while I was stopped at the red light), and thank God that despite everything that happens in this life……

He is still on the throne.

So now we get on to Kingdom work. I have no idea what the next four years will bring. All I know is that I hope that it will bring more people into God’s kingdom.

And it is always a good time to pray, now more than ever. Even though the one I voted for won’t be taking up a seat in the While House, I have to think back to the best and worst moments in my life and ask myself a question. With eternities values in view, how much does this really matter.

Right now today, if something happened to someone I love this little election and all my feelings about the next four years would cease to matter. We have very important things to do. And I was challenged by the Internet Monk today to pray for our President.

It might take some work, but I can do it. Because he needs God just like everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Always is a good time to pray

  1. Hi Lori,
    Could you just imagine if Obama truly came to faith in Christ Jesus, abandoned his wicked ways and served Jesus with a whole heart? Yes we must pray for him, and everyone else in leadership of this nation.
    God bless,

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