Will there be horses in Heaven?

There is one prayer I have had that was never answered…..From my earliest memory, from the time I actually believed there was a God and that I could pray to Him I prayed that one morning I would wake up and there would be a horse in the front yard. From the time I first saw one, I was instantly in awe. I held them in reverence that was almost godlike.

It started with the pony rides. I didn’t care about anything else at the carnival, if there were ponies going around a ring I was there. My Dad would shell out the two bits. And in Yosemite there was what I would classify as a deluxe pony ride. We got to ride on a track, all around the stables….oh they were pure wonder. Which one would I get? I didn’t care, to me they were all as magical as unicorns.

We used to camp in old Camp 7……and just on the border ran the horse trail. My favorite part of the day was when they would come through. I can still hear my Dad announce, “Here come the horses!”

Oh, I would hear the footfall of those wondrous creatures as they walked through the carpet of dry pine needles that fell across the trail. The sound of them, blowing and breathing and neighing. I would stand stock still as we watched every last one pass.

And when finally the day came that I myself could go……….I was on top of the world. I was taller than anything. My big gentle brown quarter horse with a butt as big as a house was my new best friend. I could have cried as I bent down to hug his neck as he carried me into a place I had never been before, but only dreamed of.

Then, as what happens so often, we grow up and put away our dreams and convince ourselves those joys may be for someone else, but not for us.

And still, as I see them, even now. I remember that magic. And I wonder, will there be horses in Heaven? I think that if God created animals in the first place, he must want them there.

The Bible says He will be riding in on a white horse, after all.

Maybe I will be riding with Him? Maybe we all will…….

I am posting this today because sometimes just remembering something magical is miracle enough.  the joy of living, the joy of memory carries us through.

And it’s all a gift from God.

Joining in with these wonderful folks today just because I want to, not because this post necessarily has anything to do with promises or counting blessings. But then again, maybe it has everything to do with it!

5 thoughts on “Will there be horses in Heaven?

  1. I've never ridden a horse, but I have always loved to see them run.

    Maybe one day soon, I will climb up in a saddle and hold the reins…

    After all, if there are horses in heaven, I want to know how to ride 'em!

  2. This has EVERYTHING to do with promises….

    God promised heaven would be wonderful and if there aren't horses, there will be some other majestic beast that you will just be in awe of.

    And it will be in your front lawn. 🙂


    PS. Did you link this to the carnival so others can see? Stop by and put in the link if you haven't. 😉

  3. LOVE this! I just now, literally, came in from giving my two horses some love and checking our cows. If Jesus rides, I'm full of faith that we all will ride! I'm holding out hope for my dear old Lefty to be the one our Lord hands me the reins to for a heavenly ride one day. LOVE this post! Thanks for sharing at Duane's linkup.

  4. Oh I definitely think He rides. And I personally think that lefty may just be there too, after all, when God says He will create a new Heaven and a new Earth, He also said it will be beyond what we can ask or even think of. What it will be, I know it will be wonderful! Next time, when you give those critters some love, give em a smootch from me, okay! I do love His creatures…..Lori

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