It is close of day……..Maundy Thursday evening. The evening He gathered with His friends for the last time. Work is done and the events of the day settle around me…floating down like dust moats in my mind. Every Easter week that comes around I wish once again that I had it off…..not just Sunday, the whole week.

I look up services on Maundy Thursday and I lament the days gone by, where businesses really did close on Good Friday. It seemed right and it felt good to live in such a world, such a town, such a time that did this. Things seem different now. People rush around as if they don’t know what day it is, and sometimes I get caught right along with them, stupified about what I thought I needed at Walgreens.

But as I work all the way up to Sunday, I will exchange the upper room for some quiet moments in my prayer closet, and tomorrow, that darkest of days,  I will take a quiet walk on my break and thank Him again for doing such a monumental thing for this world. For me. For you.

I wonder how in the world He thought we were worth it, but I am so glad He thought we were.

I will wish for clouds to cover the sun tomorrow because that seems right too.  But this is Arizona after all, and the sun will most likely be shining brightly overhead. And that will be right too, somehow. Events will unfold and we will be distracted as we go from one thing to another.

More than likely we won’t have enough time to reflect on what it all means. We are in the thick of life, work, kids, traffic, deadlines and bills. But this is what really matters. That in those moments when we pause and thank Him, we will feel Him close. We carry our upper room right along with us and He is there. Right there in the midst of us.

Tomorrow I will carry Him with me, and He will carry me mostly.

In my moments of remembering, I will picture the silhouette of a lonely cross against a stormy sky and a earth that quaked in revolt at such an impossible event……..the creator and Lord of the universe on that same lonely cross. And a small band of very sad followers at the foot of it.

And John pulling Mary close as Jesus says, “Woman, behold your son…..”

In every thing I have to do, in between all those things, in between my every breath, every step…..He will be there with me. And I will rejoice because the reality of Easter is this,

He lives!

4 thoughts on “Remembering…….

  1. Lori,

    This touched my heart in so many ways, it's so very beautiful. As a child growing up in NJ, I remember it always seemed, even if the sun was shining early on, by noontime, clouds would roll in on Good Friday. I was always amazed by that. As if God was sending all of us a reminder of the solemnity of this day.

    Thank you for sharing your heart, Lori.


  2. We have the clouds here, even a little rain. Today, I will take a walk as well and carry my “upper room” with me.

    Where else can hope be found but in the cross? I am anchored there in my heart, and I am glad for kindred pilgrims who are willing to make the journey with me.

    Blessed Easter walk, sister. We break bread together with our Lord.


  3. Oh yes, I am so glad we are walk this blessed road together. So many dear friends, it is such an encouragement to travel together!

    Many Easter Joys be yours this weekend….Lori

  4. What truth — and I am proud to know you. You who always remember to worship HIM in the midst of busy — ness.

    Sometimes, I forget what HE did for me. Why? It's because I start my days without putting Him first.

    There's always something from you for me to chew on —

    Hugs, sweet friend.

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