Multitudes on Monday

California Dreamin……. 
As we walked by this bus, which was covered front to back in everything under the sun, the tune that went through my head was the one by the Mamas and the Papas. Those of you under aged 50 may not remember them. You really never know what you might see in California, especially along the coast. It is nice to know that Jesus is in the center of the bus. I had to zoom in on that.
Well, even after 4 days of work and being back home, I still feel a bit of an afterglow from our trip to San Diego. This visit was sweeter than the last one. I remember being a little discouraged and even bored that last time. “Too many foreigners,” I thought, “Not enough people speaking English,” “Too crowded.” It was good but not great.
This time, however, I saw it the way I saw it first. The beauty leaped out at me with full force. It’s funny how you get spoiled. Things lose their luster when you see them again and again. This time was rich.
This time was sweet. I appreciated every single drop, every single morsel, every second. I felt as if I were breathing free air after being in prison for months.
I am so thankful for it.
So today I celebrate Multitudes on Monday. The one that I missed last Monday when I was actually there.

Sound of the seals across the bay……balmy breezes to heal dry hair and skin…….boat bobbing in the bay, sails tipping……shrimp salad by the water…..precious free time…..and the health to enjoy it… that take the breath away……having fun with my camera……watching artists create their art…..and most of all knowing that God created it all with us in mind…..such a world of beauty!

I leave with one thought from Pastor Kevin today……

“We only believe the parts of the Bible we practice” I am still mulling over that one……..

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