I will carry you….

I will be your God throughout your lifetime–until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you. Isaiah 46:4

Caretaking can suck the life out of you. It has the ability to sap you of all strength, make you believe that it will never end. Like this is your lot in life. You feel alone…….unappreciated for all you do. You may even deal with hostility from the one you are trying to take care of.

I have heard it over and over again. Health care professionals will verify it. For some strange reason, many times the caretaker becomes the focus of abuse by the very ones who are being taken care of.

When you are most tired and vulnerable, that is when Satan attacks. He does his best to make you feel singled out and alone. That’s his specialty. That’s what he did to Jesus too.

He also loves to make you feel as if you are undeserving of any other kind of life. He whispers things like “this is what you were meant to do until they end, or you do. But one thing we must never, ever forget.

He is and always will be A Big Fat Liar. Sometimes he even gets us to believe that God did it to us. After all, he says, God could have prevented the circumstance.

He is a tricky one, he is. He knows what we believe about God, because he makes it a point to know which ones belong to Jesus. We are his target. But He knows he can’t have us for eternity, but that doesn’t stop him from messing with us now.

But this is the truth:

Whatever you are going through will not be forever. It will end. It is temporary. You won’t die from it, God has you. He has promised to carry you along and save you. He wants good things for you. And, in the end, you will have the peace that others seek but cannot find. You are doing what is right and what will cause you to have peace ultimately. God will work it out for your good.

Be assured…….He will bring back all that time you thought was lost forever….pressed down and shaken together. You will have years, you will have vacations again, the sun will shine brilliantly in your life once again, even brighter than before.

Be assured. He will bring it to pass.

4 thoughts on “I will carry you….

  1. He is so faithful.

    I love how you said Satan is a “big, fat liar.”
    It made me giggle because it reminds me of children defending themselves against a bully — and guess what? — it was right on target in phrasing — Satan is such a bully, and we are God's children.


  2. A lovely lovely post. I am not a caregiver yet, but the time may come. Your post was encouraging even for the weary, like me sometimes-who just need to be reminded God is watching and listening all the while.
    Loved your New Year word. May He grant you that peace that passes all understanding.
    Love, Debra

  3. How true your words are Lori! Satan loves to attack us when we are vulnerable. How tiring it can be to care for another. And yet He will provide you with His strength. Our faith walk involves endurance. May you always remember that He is with you every step of the way.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Hi dear Lori,
    Wonderful post, sweetheart!!
    Thank you for writing your heartfelt comment in my last post on my journals blog!!
    Yes!! It's so sad. I was about to adopt a precious kitten from a Queen mother, and the 6 kittens died. The first one died the first day, 4 died the second day, and the last kitten passed away the third day. Mikaela, the Queen cat, has been looking for her offspring all over the house. She is so sad, so am I…
    I feel encouraged that you have stopped by my blog to post your loving ways, Lori sweetheart.
    You are an adorable Online friend.
    God may bless you always, Lori, and those you love, precious friend!!
    Happy New Year!!
    All the best,
    Poet Starry.

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