Remedy for Regret

The way I see it, one of the best ways to minimize regret both now and in the future is to cherish the present.  Nothing makes you feel more acutely the weight and passage of time more than knowing that you weren’t fully living it when you were there. The thing is, it takes time to learn that. I think of times spend with loved ones and I want desperately to get that time back because I know where my mind was back then. Too many times it was distracted……or I was irritated by some small thing.
Or focused on myself. I wish I could go back……redeem it somehow.  
Now that I have reached fifty plus two, time feels like an out of control river rushing under a bridge, and me watching from above. Instead of focusing on what time I still have, I get caught up in time I see already gone. It’s like trying to drive by watching the rear view mirror.

I lose sight of what is still to come, and there is so much more.

I think it is a mistake to think that once you get a certain age, the best years are behind you. Every stage of life is important and necessary and of great value and each season carries it’s own unique lessons. And when I think of eternity, all I see is an ocean of time with an giant expanse of more joy and peace than I can possibly imagine. 

I am determined to live more right here in the present. I confess, this week my focus has been on just getting to the end of the week. I started the week already looking ahead to the weekend…..I wonder now what moments I stole from myself or someone else…….

That is the best way I can think of to let the people in my life, and God know that I truly cherish them……

Right now.

First two pics are from google
Last two were taken of niece Lauryn by her big “Sis”

3 thoughts on “Remedy for Regret

  1. Thanks for the timely reminder! Sometimes, actually far too often, I don't take the time for the little things in life. My wife, my kids, or spending time on a neighbor's front porch.
    Great post! God bless you!

  2. I spent my working life looking forward to the weekend — and what did I miss — who knows, but I missed rejoicing in the job that was my mission field and celebrating what was good about it.

    Hard lesson.

    My students used to say, “when I start my life,” “when I graduate, I can begin this or that,” or “I can't wait for …,” and I used to tell them, “but this is your life. Take note of the present.”

    I should have taken my own advice, huh?

    I always take a little something from your posts. You are a blessing.

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