Every Day is a Grace Day

“The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without you.” Frederic Buechner

Ever wonder why some days you wake up and all through the day you have this wondrous sense of well-being? It is as if you are stepping in Grace, walking in Light. The normal things that bother you just can’t touch you on days like this. You feel a strong sense of God’s Grace surrounding you…..

You’re walking through a primrose path……lilies strewn at your feet……tip-toeing through tulips, you are walking in the light and nothing negative can touch you.

And then there are those other days when you feel like the whole world is conspiring against you. As if the very forces of nature are working to make things difficult, like a cosmic battle that you can very definitely feel, but can’t see. A black cloud seems to follow you like dust follows Pigpen in the Charlie Brown cartoon.

You are stepping in something alright, but it is not grace it’s something else.

Yesterday I had one of those good days. I was walking out the door at the grocery store and this wonderful sense of well-being washed over me. It followed me to Starbucks, where I acted out of character and spoke to a stranger who was doing a beautiful pencil sketch, a copy of a photo.

I said, “That’s gorgeous.” Because it was. He didn’t even acknowledge me……not a look up, not a thank you, not a grunt or a smile. He just kept sketching and looking down. Something like that would have ticked me off on another day. This day, it didn’t even faze me.

I think sometimes God gives us those as wonderful gifts of grace, not only because He loves us, but because He knows someone else needs a blessing……someone we come across needs lifting up…..someone in our life needs our strength and encouragement. He blesses us and it spills over like sunlight onto anyone who walks in our path. I think these days are what carry us through the other days.

In truth, every day is a Grace day. However we wake, it is with the breath He gives us. We grumble, we groan, we give thanks, we bless others, we curse the traffic and gas prices, we laugh……

And it’s all Grace.

3 thoughts on “Every Day is a Grace Day

  1. There are those days of well-being, full of grace — and if we look for it, it's there for us every day. You told a truth there, my friend.

    I had grace today — God was all over my activities — my car broke down, right in a safe spot, I lost my key, the tow truck guy found it, and my girlfriend sat with me until the tow truck came and then took me home.

    BTW: When I couldn't find the key, I was like “oh no,” and then my girlfriend said, “All right God, you're in this,” and the tow truck guy said, “I found it.”

    So, GRACE is always there, but we have to recognize it.


  2. Oh yes, I LOVE those days — the well-being, everything is great days. Usually I chock it up to a good hormonal balance or endorphins after a run…but you are right, maybe it's God and I haven't even recognized it as His grace at work? Like Harriet says in her comment above: grace is always there, but we have to recognize it…for what it is!

  3. Yes….we just have to recognize it! And sometimes there is grace all around us and we don't see it for what it is 🙂

    Thank you Harriet and Michelle for your comments, I hope to get some time tomorrow to hop over to your blogs and do some catching up!

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