“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” Jeremiah 29:11,12

I heard trains last night…..I am presently in Barstow, California, the stopping point for this particular journey…..along with my very best friend at the wheel of what I call “the Bus” a 32 foot motor home. We are enroute, she to her brother and his family and myself to my parents house. We have made this trip many times, and there is always a new experience no matter how many times you have been down the same road.

We saw a semi-truck on its side yesterday, there were some high winds, but not terribly high. He may have fallen asleep and lost control….we whispered a prayer as we drove by. Our precious cargo includes “the garden.” We didn’t want to leave it home for the neighbors to watch, since my green-thumbed friend wants to take full responsibility. They are her babies now. Every sprout is encouraged, and exclaimed over. Now I know a little about how a farmer feels.

We passed the state-line without a hitch. I had forgotten all about the rules about bring plants over…..I can just imagine the headlines…..”Two Church going Christian women caught, accused of bringing marijuana over the border! I could hear us now trying to explain that it is our future garden, consisting only of Okra, marigolds, radishes and spinach, but no pot…..Oh my!

The little green charges are currently on the dash recieving their morning dose of sunlight. Soon she will be bent over them with a water dropper for their watering and “encouragement.”

We think our neighbor may be a Vietnam Vet, judging by the various bumper stickers which are plastered all over the back of his vehicle. He just walked by and looks like he may be related to Charles Manson’s brother….Never a dull moment. One of the bumper stickers says, “Breast inspection 20 miles ahead, please have them out.” Forgive me for that, but sometimes you have to be plunked right down in the middle of humanity like Jesus was. If we make it out of here without an incident we will be very happy. You never know what you might see in a KOA park.

What a blessing this trip….already. Everyone needs someone in their life that they can travel with so companionably. Nothing is a problem and everything is an adventure and a potential source of laughter……

This morning we read from the Bible and shared thoughts on Ephesians 6……we forge ahead today, each one of us reaching our destinations. In our hands, our hearts, we bring encouragement and blessings and love to our families who are all going through their own trials and hardships. And of course, they will do the same for us…..

Hopefully tomorrow I can post pictures of the “garden.”

2 thoughts on “Journeys……

  1. HI Cassandra, Yes it has been an adventure! Especially with plants! I did say over the border didn't I? I meant to say across state lines! Well, some people say California is turning into little Mexico……..but that's another story! btw, I have loved the re-posting of your time at the beach….magical!

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