The Written Word……

“Therefore write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after these things. “As for the mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches. Revelation 1:19

There is power in the written word. When someone writes something down, in essence they are saying, “Come with me.” They want to take you to a particular place they have been or want to go. It is a journey they are on, and they want you to go too. They are expressing a feeling that just has to be let out; let out and captured all at the same time. If you ask a writer why they write, I think they would all say the same thing. “Because I have to.” Once words are written down they tend to take on a life of their own, but only after they are read.

There is a bit of magic in writing too……a bit of the turning water into wine metamorphosis. By that I mean that sometimes, just sometimes that notion that is floating around in your head is captured just the way you felt it. When this happens it is something of a miracle! If someone compliments you on it, that is icing on the cake. The fact that you captured it is the reward. The reason why you do it.

I think of the early church leaders scratching Holy words out onto the parchments. Bent over by candlelight, lamplit, light of dawn’s early morning…..light from prison cell window….. Ever feel like something just writes itself? I think of the mystery of how the Spirit of God breathed Holy words into a Spirit led people over a span of hundreds of years and yet turned out a perfectly cohesive whole, interwoven and seal-proof, a tightly woven basket that holds All Truth….It stands on its own, and it will stand forever as all truth does.

I think that when we write we do something very powerful. We let others know who we are…..That is why God wanted us to have His Book, so that we could know who He is.

I think of how the Word was always there even before the beginning of life as we know it, and I think of how it was made into flesh…..the flesh of Jesus.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

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2 thoughts on “The Written Word……

  1. Andie: Isn't it amazing that day after day, year after year we get new inspiration from something we read many times before? This itself testifies that the Bible is indeed a living book! Lori

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