The Compliment

I want to suggest a new Beatitude: “Blessed are the sincere who pay compliments.” I have just had a compliment, and it has changed my day.

I was irritated. Tired. Discouraged. Nothing seemed much use. Now suddenly all this is changed. I feel a spurt of enthusiasm, of energy and joy. I am filled with hope. I like the whole world better, and myself, and even you.

Lord, bless the person who did this for me. He probably hasn’t the faintest idea how his few words affected me. But wherever he is, whatever he’s doing, bless him. Let him too feel this sense of fulfillment, the recharge of fire and faith and joy.

Thank you, God, for this simple miracle so available to all of us. And that we don’t have to be saints to employ it’s power. Remind me to use it more often to heal and lift and fortify others’ lives: a compliment! Marjorie Holmes

On the drive out here we stopped at a Denny’s. After 8 hours on the road, the sign was like an Oasis in the Desert. It looked pretty new. It was nice and clean. The waitress came right away to ask what we wanted…..she smiled. The managers were walking around asking if everything was okay. And the bathrooms were clean too!

Have you ever asked for a manager at a place of business for a good reason? Nine times out of ten, they automatically assume the worst. That you want to complain. I think that is very sad. So now I really try to give compliments when I get good service.

When I paid for the meal at Denny’s I made sure to tell her how great everything was, and left her a big tip. She was smiling when we left. So were we.

Ephesians 6:7 – With good will render service, as to the Lord, and not to men.

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