National Day of Prayer

Not just today, but everyday people are praying. You don’t hear about it on the news, but it is happening, all across our land. You don’t hear about churches going out into the community feeding the homeless, finding them shelter, hitting the streets with the Good News, taking care of orphans and widows. They are the hands and feet of Jesus, living in the Spirit following His lead sometimes at great personal sacrifice. There are those of us who enter the daily trenches, praying under our breath all the while, living out our faith to others, being a light in the darkness, doing the best we can. And there are those raising children at home, making hard choices, doing the right thing when nobody sees. There are the persecuted Christians being martyred all over the world for their faith, you don’t hear about them either. Still they pray, still they meet, adding members daily. There are those in the land of shadows, helping people with AIDs die, educating their children so they might have half a chance. Here in America we can still worship without fear, and I pray it will always be so……Join me in prayer for our country today.

2 thoughts on “National Day of Prayer

  1. I spoke with a friend of mine today. She told me how her daughter and son-in-law have worked with the mayor of Tempe, AZ to get temporary showers for the homeless who are trying to get jobs. A problem for them is simply being clean when they go for an interview. Because of this, some of the local companies are giving money for more.

  2. Debbie, see what I mean? All over this State, Country and World, many things are happening. That is so great what they are doing. What a great idea, and so true, they have to present themselves well otherwise what chance do they have? Thank you for that….Lori

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