Multitude Mondays

Lifting my Gratitude today for what the Word does in my life!

#291 When I lose my way, it brings me back to the right road: Proverbs 3:6……#292 It gives me clarity of mind, important for someone like me who tends to over-analyze things to death: 2 Timothy 1:7….#293 It draws me close to the Lord because I know those are His living words: Hebrews 4:12….#294 It brings peace when my soul can’t seem to rest: Psalm 119:165….. #295 It gives me strength and assurance that He is with me at all times: Hebrews 13:5…..#296 It causes me to grow and makes me better able to handle stressful situations: Romans 10:13-17….#297 It keeps my eyes focused on eternity and it exposes my inability to do what it says on my own: John 15:26….#298, for without Him it would be impossible: Matthew 19:26 #299 It exposes things in my life that ordinarily I would not see a need to change: 2 Timothy 3:16….#300 I am blessed when I read it! Revelations 1:3

It is set apart from every other book on earth and it does what no other book can do because it is alive, filled with the very breath of God!

When I try to live without it, I sink fast!

Keeping the gratitude alive, along with Ann and many others….
holy experience

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