Home again….

One last walk around old familiar places…
Cannery Row, Monterey…..Setting of many John Steinbeck novels
A bookstore in Carmel, California one of my favorite towns, Clint Eastwood was once mayor here….bookstore regretfully not open.
Highway 1, Big Sur, California….farewell to the ocean before turning inland…..
Home to the desert….

Home again after 2 books on CD and many miles and smiles later. Carrying sweet memories of family and friends. Places are magical but it’s the people traveling with us and the ones we meet when we are there that make the real memories!

4 thoughts on “Home again….

  1. Hi Debra, I am happy to share!….that is why I love your wonderful farm photos! And of course, I love photos of snow and winter because we don't get that much here, except up north! 🙂

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