An Orderly Quietness

Prayer begins, not in asking, but in a silent self-preparation. We should not rush into the Presence; the church of private devotion should be entered through the vestibule in an orderly quietness. This comes best as a by-product of a mind focused on God. We say to ourselves, “His light fill the world. It fills this room.” Thus we meditate.

The next step is an act of faith, on which Jesus laid the constant stress: “All things, whatsoever ye ask in prayer, believing, ye shall recieve.” In this initial silence of prayer we say to ourselves that whatever we ask “in the nature of Christ” is ours, granted only our earnestness in prayer and life. Always prayer is prefaced by an act of faith. We take counsel with our certitudes, not with our doubts and fears. George A. Buttrick “Prayer”

As with any muscle faith has to be exercised. What am I believing God for today? Have peace, safety, security become my idols–things that have to some degree replaced God in my life? How much faith do I really need when I know exactly how much money will show up in my bank account every 2 weeks like clockwork? The early church depended on God and each other for their every need.

And yet, I have known times of stress and heartache when each day started on my knees in desperation. And God heard everytime…..When times are good, I thank Him, always keeping in my heart a remembrance of those other times when He got me though, will get me through again.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Philippians 4:12

2 thoughts on “An Orderly Quietness

  1. I personally like to pray on my knees…second choice would be standing. Sitting is a poor choice but when in public perhaps best as not to appear Pharisaic. This is God, the Creator of the world and everything in it we're talking to and to just sit lazily in a chair or seat to me seems to pay less honor to Him that deserves all honor.

    I also believe that all prayer, (even a prayer at mealtime) should have praise and thanksgiving in it.

    I like your blog and am supporting it by being a “follower”

  2. Stan, thank you for your kind comments. Prayer is our gateway to the Throne of Heaven! I am always awe-struck by what a wonderful privilege we have! I hope I never take it lightly. Whatever the posture, I try to make sure my soul remains on its knees!

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