Holy Places

Love this photo taken by Jenn posted on Arizona Central

This is typical of the weather in Arizona. I had blue sky on one side last night coming home and a black cloud on the other….blessed blessed rain. I know many tire of it, but not us. We need it, we crave it, we long for it!

There was a chill in the air this morning so I put on my “big” robe from L.L.Bean, the one that never fails to take the chill off.

As I lit my candle in my prayer closet, also known as the shed, I looked around. I love this place because He meets me here; amongst the tools, garbage can, shelves filled with storage boxes, saws, Christmas decorations, and everything else that can be crammed into a very organized 10 x 15 room! Anyplace can be Holy where God is, and He is everywhere!

I heard the mourning doves calling as I opened the little door window. I sipped my first cup of coffee and prayed, “Thank you Lord, that I can share my first cup with You.” He smiled.

I think He loves my prayer shed too.

I heard the morning bird call and then….could it be? I heard little gentle rain drops blessing me with their presence. I kept praying. It was a troubled prayer because it was something I was worried about. Then, as if God made His reply in the rain, it came magically, steadily, beautifully down on the roof.

I lifted my arms in praise, that is answer enough for me, Lord! I didn’t miss it today…..thank you God for giving me this moment, a Holy moment. I got to sit and listen to the rain in Your Presence.

What an unspeakable gift.

I’m glad He picked the early morning light to come back from the grave in. Thank you Lord, for the hope of the morning.

2 thoughts on “Holy Places

  1. Cassandra, thank you so much. I have been visiting Moonboat and I hope and pray you get some beautiful sunny days soon, or you can come over to Arizona, just not in Summer! Beautiful post about writing your own story….

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