More answers to prayer….

I am back, just in time for Multitude Mondays!
Got to enjoy a few clear days after many days of blessed rain. This is the new Marina that my brother worked on and saw through to completion…..we got to walk along the docks and see the fruits of much hard labor. Yet another answer to prayer. Blessing #199

I have missed blogging! (in spite of Dad’s painfully slow dial up I managed only two posts.) There hasn’t been much time for introspection, yet I received another blessing from the Lord that I hadn’t expected. I learned that He remains steadfast when time is squeezed out from the day and there is little time for quiet. Day started early and was packed with activity. Bedtime was cherished and before I could say a prayer, I felt myself drifting off….But I should have known He would meet me there! “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.” Matt. 18:20 He reminded me that every blessing, every task done for someone else becomes a worship and a prayer all it’s own when it is done with a heart that seeks to please Him. God looks at our heart. He peers deep inside to seek out our true motive, and when He finds it seeking His help, His grace, He finds it pure and blesses it. That was blessing #200

So I received many blessings in helping my Mom back on the road to her recovery….I found Him there at every turn.
He was there at pajama day at school when we weren’t sure how it would go in special needs class, it went wonderfully, and she was so proud to show her PJs to her friends!#Blessing 201
Blessing #202
He was there when a room became available just in time for my Mom at this wonderful facility. Here she is at therapy, and will not be happy if she sees this photo of her without her hair done and no makeup! She is getting ready to bat the beachball. I can’t say enough about what a healing positive place this was. You see very few at this place lying around in beds, days start early are are filled with activity geared to getting people healed! The therapists really inspired me! Everytime I went in there Mom was visiting someone new. One lady in there said that as soon as Mom walked in she saw the light of Christ in her and just had to get to know her.

When I grow up I want to be like her.

Head therapist Mike was a wonderful guy, but he was a real taskmaster. He didn’t let anyone slack off. The first day my Mom heard Christian music playing in the therapy room and she said, “Who’s the Jesus person?”

Mike said, “I am, and I’m the boss, so I can play it here!”

She said, “Alright! I am at the right place.” #Blessing 203

Food brought from friends and family on several occasions #Blessings 204-207

A very special evening spent with a cousin and wife I hadn’t seen in too long, and so many laughs! Blessing #208

Mom coming home in a record breaking 9 days after surgery! At 80 years young that is miraculous and a testiment to her great health and positive outlook, and of course to the power of prayer! Blessing #209

Of course coming home is always a blessing…..I count this along with all the blessings from the past two weeks, I came home to a totally rearranged living room. My very artsy friend took some liberties and I am glad she did, I never would have thought to put the bookcase as a room divider! Blessing #210

The list keeps growing for me and so many others!
holy experience

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