Photo by Kathleen Connally
I found this online in a photo grouping by Kathleen Connally, thought it fit together with the lyrics of the evening Hymn below.

The Moravian Single Sisters’ House on Church Street was used as a combination dormitory, industrial and religious center for single women within the community. The Moravians had a unique and highly-controlled social system which divided men, women and children into groups based on their sex, age and marital status. The groups were known as “choirs” and they participated in common work and worship together within their own residences.

O Radiant Light, O Sun divine, Of the God the Father’s deathless face,
O Image of the Light sublime that fills the heavenly dwelling place.

O Son of God, the source of life, Praise is your due by night and day,
Our joyful lips must raise the strain, the strain of Your esteemed and splendid name.
Lord Jesus Christ as daylight fades, as shine the lights of eventide, we praise
The Father with the Son, The Spirit blessed and with them one.

Presbyterian Hymn (third century Greek, translated)

This song is sung beautifully by Michael Joncas and the Cathedral singers available on ITUNES.

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