Gratitude for teachers…..

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What a wonderful book this was. I found myself smiling all the way through. What an inspiration to read about a teacher who truly loves his students and his job! It brought back so many memories of my own school days and of the teachers who invested in my life growing up. These people sacrifically gave of themselves because they believed that it was worth it to invest in kids, and me!

My first Principal, Mr. Tamblin. He used to wander the playground and talk to all of us kids in his suit. We really respected him. I remember him being very kind. My first kindergarten teacher Roberta Ruhl; I still remember how magic her classroom seemed. I remember making faces with Randall Speth during “rest period.” I have to thank my first grade teacher Mrs. Campbell, although she was extremely strict and most of us were scared of her, she believed in phonics. She led me to the doorway of one of the great loves of my life….Reading. During this year, I also joined the gleeclub. I am indebted to Roberta (her last name escapes me) for teaching us every verse of every patriotic song ever written. My second grade teacher was Arlie Earhardt. She had a blonde bouffant hairdo that never moved and dimples. She was beautiful. When she read “Charlotte’s Web” to us, it came alive! I can still hear her soft, sweet voice even now. My fifth grade teacher was unforgettable. Mrs. Fairchild led singing hour and had a voice like Edith Bunker, but we didn’t care. She always made us laugh, and let us watch the world series because she loved baseball, particularly the Mets.

My sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Jan Wakefield was our hero. She was the one teacher we all went back to visit after we entered Jr. High. Her classroom was a haven of wonderful memories. She was like Mary Tyler Moore, very stylish. She had a beautiful smile and perfect penmanship, everything a good teacher should be, she was.

I also thank all my Sunday School teachers over the years…..especially the one who combined Bible lessons with walks to the park and DONUTS. What heroes of the faith they all were. Sunday after Sunday they dedicated themselves to us kids and role-modeled what faith should look like.

Last but certainly not least is Mr Wylie Moffat, my Choir teacher in High School. His class was one of the few bright spots of my High School experience. Yes, that is scary I admit to being a nerd. He introduced us to Opera, Broadway musicals, all of the great composers and his love of music and his passion was infectious. He had us to his home for cookouts, and we all loved him. He always forgave me when I started giggling onstage and couldn’t stop. Every year, he led us to a “Command Performance” in all our competitions because we wanted to make him proud. He loved God too, and wasn’t afraid to sing religious songs in school assemblies. I so admire him for that. Sad to say, he would probably get in trouble for it now, but back in the seventies freedom of expression was still allowed.

Take a moment to reflect on all of the great teachers in your life……I could have gone on and on.

Today makes 130 of 1000…..

Continuing with gratitude toward my 1000 blessings
holy experience

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