Multitude Mondays

Today I am thankful for yesterday’s reminders
of the beauty of being in Your outdoor sanctuary….
the sway of pines against sky, magic sway
and song….oh let me hear the sigh of
Your wind in those trees in my soul
forever more….

Thankful for a carpet of pine needles, more
grand than any berber or import rug you can name.

Fall coloring foliage, nature’s surrender summoning
strength for what is to come…. yet the pine remains itself
all year.

Cool whisperings in the air of solstice rest,
winter’s deep ponderings.

She rests from her labor.

What a treasure to be reminded once again,
how I need this quiet, this filling up of
my soul; this rest that satisfies,
lingers deep for when I need it next.

As we walked from tree to tree looking up I said, “Do you think when we are in Heaven we will remember our times on earth? Or will we be so overwhelmed with everything we won’t give it another thought.” She said, “I don’t think we will give it a fleeting thought.” I said, “I don’t know, maybe little glimmers of things.” Then I said, “No, you’re probably right.”

The gratitude list goes on…..
67. Cool solitude of the mountains
68. Going away for the day
69. Coming back home
70. Pine trees and their gentle sway
71. Appreciation of all these things
72. Fresh unpolluted air
73. God’s blueprint of nature
74. Red cliffs against electric sky
75. Escape from the sound of cars
76. Sharing these with like minded people

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holy experience

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