California to visit family……

My Dad still has dial up, so I won’t be posting anything until I either 1.) Visit the public library, 2.) Visit a friend with faster service. The hamsters are having to run way too fast on this little wheel….

Highlights so far, taking Tyler dog to the beauty salon to get groomed. He had an unfortunate incident with a skunk awhile back, and 6 baths later, he still smelled of skunk. He was extremely nervous going in, but when he came out 5 hours later, he was beautiful and very proud of himself, they even gave him a brand new multicolored bandana.

I got to attend my parents 62nd High School reunion on Saturday afternoon. I was the belle of the ball and got to draw names for prizes, and as luck would have it I drew both Mom and Dad’s names! My Mom won a beautiful king-sized afgan, made by the woman who was sitting at our table. Mom’s cousin Ivan set up his professional karaoke machine and he, my Mom, and a retired minister sang, and we had a 20 song session of name that tune! My Mom used to sing at weddings and talent shows all through high school and beyond and she sounded great! After most of the people went home, we hung back and Mom and I sang together, it was a very special time and I am so glad I made the trip!

Today was niece Lauryn’s first day of school so we were all nervous for her, new school and all, but she got up and headed out just like a trooper and said to Daddy, “Go away,” after she got there so that was a good sign. She has been in special class but this will be her first long school day. A landmark day for her and we will all go and pick her up. Her Auntie got her a “Manny” doll for her first day prize.

I will post more when I get back with pictures………..

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